The PHP Function Index for Mac OS X

The PHP Function Index (PHPfi) is a very fast documentation viewer to look up any PHP function.

Its search offers realtime-filtering of the function list and it downloads and caches the user contributed notes from PHP.NET for instant lookup.

Additionally its AppleScript interface lets you look up PHP functions easily from within your favorite editor.

Browsing the PHP manual, finding the reference for any PHP function was a real headache before. With PHPfi you will find what you are looking for more quickly, saving time and improving your productivity.

To be as up-to-date as possible PHPfi uses the original documentation from, parsing it, and displaying it in an intuitive and clearly arranged interface. It uses an offline version of the manual for optimum speed.

Since version 2.0 PHPfi downloads and caches the user contributed notes from PHP.NET, making them available for instant lookup. This addresses the second hassle to PHP documentation lookup.

PHPfi is free for academic and hobbyist users, but from professionals who earn their money with PHP coding I ask a small registration fee. If this application makes you more productive I just want a small share of the profit you will make with your increased productivity!

Academic & Hobbyist Users
If you do not earn money with PHP development then you don't have to pay. Feel free to donate any amount you like to support my development!
If you occasionally earn money with PHP projects, but if the amount is less than 50% of your total income you should license PHPfi for US$ 8.50!
US$ 8.50
Business Users
If you earn more than 50% of your income with PHP projects you should license PHPfi for US$ 16.50!
US$ 16.50

What is new in v2.1.2?

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System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or better